Maintaining Ste. Anne's Church

With a building as old as Ste. Anne's Church we expect to have a lot of ongoing maintenance. Some of the project price tags can be daunting though for our small parish of around 25 year-round families and another 60 summer families. Listed below are some of our upcoming, current and recently finished projects. If you are interested in donating to help keep Ste. Anne's maintained for your children and grandchildren there is a link below.

Recently Completed Projects

In fall of 2022 we began the monumental project of repainting the exterior of Ste. Anne's Church. This project has been in the works for almost a decade and we are incredibly pleased to have this project completed. This project cost Ste. Anne's almost $140,000. The work was completed by EUP Drywall, Inc and we were able to complete this project with the help of many wonderful donors and with a loan from the Diocese of Marquette.

In the spring of 2023 Jim Morse, Ste. Anne's custodian and maintenance technician began replacing the old wooden fence that bordered the rectory on the left hand side. This project was completed with a generous donation from the Murray Family.

In the fall of 2023 we began taking additional steps to preserve our priceless painting of Ste. Anne that was a gift from Bishop Baraga. Jim Morse, Ste. Anne's custodian and maintenance technician, designed a one of a kind shadow box to fully encompass the painting and help to preserve it for future generations.


Currently Ongoing Projects

Ste. Anne's is in the process of replacing all of our old electrical lights with modern LED lights both upstairs and downstairs. In the spring we began the project of replacing the lights in the Parish Hall downstairs and starting in November we will finish replacing all of the lighting and thermostats downstairs and replace all of the lighting upstairs in the sanctuary. This project is estimated to cost around $18,000 and will be completed by Northern Power Electric.

Upcoming Projects

Ste. Anne's has a long list of projects that will need to be addressed soon to help maintain this historic building. These include:


  • Rebuilding the steeple
  • Replacing the boards on the front porch of the church
  • Refinishing the floors in the church
  • Replacing the spindles on the side of the church
  • Repainting the exterior of the rectory
  • Replacing the oven in the parish kitchen
  • Replacing the dishwasher in the parish kitchen
  • Replacing the sound system in the church
  • Refinishing the floors in the church
  • Rebuilding the rock retaining wall in the courtyard next to the church