Ste. Anne Church Historical Timeline

1670 Mission established on Mackinac Island
1671 Mission moved to north mainland. Church named for St. Ignace (St. Ignatius), the founder of the Jesuits
1706 Last of several church buildings on north mainland abandoned
1707 (circa) New mission of St. Ignace established on south mainland
1742 Ottawa and mission (St. Ignace) move to L'Arbre Croche
1743 New church constructed at Michilimackinac and named for Ste. Anne
1780 Church and rectory moved to Mackinac Island (winter)
Church rebuilt at NE corner of Hoban and Market
Cemetery established at same place
1799 Church and cemetery substantially repaired
1819 Church "destroyed" (torn down, burned?).
1827 New, small, log church in place by June at Church and Main
1831 Church enlarged and new rectory built adjacent
1851 Cemetery at Hoban and Market closed
1852 (By July) Cemetery established on Garrison Road
1873 Church and rectory demolished
New (existing) church begun
1875 Parish moves into new church
1879 New (existing) rectory begun
1891 Old cemetery sold to Michael McNally
Church completely renovated
1892 (circa) Church spire built and three altars installed